Thursday, 5 December 2013


Daisy Shorts

Can you guess how much these daisy print chiffon
 shorts were from Primark?
Basically, it all started when i was on the train to oxford with my friend (we were headed to the city to hand our cv's in to various places as we're desperate for a job) when i undid the front pocket of my bag.. inside i found a mysterious £10 note! As you can tell i was pretty happy about this..

Due to my new found fortune, i thought i could spend it on something new to wear to this party i have this Saturday coming, instead of wearing this Aztec bodycon dress that i wore to another party a few months back (my usual policy is not to be seen at a party wearing the same thing less than a year after the party). So i went into Primark, the cheapest clothing store of them all.

So i started browsing, and straight away i saw these gorgeous shorts. The price tag was quite on the expensive side at £10. But i had instantly fallen in love with them, so put them pack for later reference so i could have also around for anything cheaper. I couldn't find anything like i was looking for, so i thought i would go all out and spend the whole tenner.

I got to the cashier, and when the man scanned the shorts, he said 'That's £5 please' .. you do not know how big the smile was on my face, I'm telling you. I was sooo happy! So, with the change, i went and got some big gold statement hoops to go with my party outfit, happy days!

I polyvore'd the rest of my
outfit for you to see!