Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas in the Capital

London City!

This Saturday just gone, i went to London by train and underground tube, to soak up a bit of the christmassy atmosphere and attempt to get into the festive mood!

We started off going to Covent Garden.

The beautiful lights in Apple Market, Covent Garden
Here, me and my mum had a little walk around the shops, and in the apple market, which had huge red baubles hanging from the ceiling!

The Apple Market was where i got the most amazing cupcake ever : 

So many to choose from..

Settled with a little taste of summer in the end!

 Outside of the entrance to the Apple Market, was a giant reindeer sculpture made from fake fir tree, and surrounding it were real like reindeer!

The Smell of roasted chestnuts lingered in the air the whole time we were there, mmmmm.

I then visited Leicester Square! The only reason we came here was to visit M&m's world, which i had wanted to visit for ages! Its the coolest shop ever, and the number one place for chocolate lovers and lovers of a good old freebie (yes they gave out free m&m's). However a little on the pricey side, but its still good to have a little look around! Plus they have the coolest 'Pick and mix' area.  

In a restaurant outside the shop, guess who i saw.. Lee Mead! yes i know not the biggest celebrity in the worlds, but he won any dream will do and was once married to Denise Van Outen, so come on (plus he's gorgeous)
The man himself
 The one thing that made my day was seeing a 'Pizza Hut Express' , i don't know if any of you know what that is, but its like a take-away pizza hut, just a little hole in a wall, that sells, whole pizzas or just a slice! i had a slice of pepperoni for £2, i was in heaven for about 1 minute..

Lastly, i went to Knightsbridge... home to Harrods! Let me tell you, if ever you get the chance to go there at this time of year, then go! It looks amazing. The whole striking looking building was covered roof to pavement in Christmas lights.Very grand. Inside the shop was absolute manic. I couldn't move, we walked in walked around for an hour then left!

Iconic and magical

I had never been to London when it had been so busy, but all around, it was a good day! I hope to go again very soon.

A few of my own photo's from Saturday

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