Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My favourite month..


YES! I love December! like many it is my favorite month of the year, i actually prefer it to my birthday month!December is the month for family, friends, parties.. CHRISTMAS! 

December 1st, brings an earthquake of people of all ages opening their chocolate calendars to mark the start of advent. I think i will always have an advent calendar, because its just one of those things which i think will always remind me of happy childhood memories. Oh, and also, i swear the chocolate in these calendars taste 100x better than normal chocolate in a wrapper, or is that just me?!

Snow! Right this is something  have mixed views on.. 
When i was younger, i used to pray at night that it would get cold enough to snow.. and it never happened when i wanted it to! When it eventually did, the whole of my town would gather to this hill, the only hill in the area, and there would be a sea of people sledging down! It was such a wonderful sight and atmosphere! However you always got the annoying little boys insisting on a snow ball fight.. Now, i rather dislike snow.. firstly because it means i have to wear my ugly wellies which look like they have been stolen from my Grandads shed, because they are the only waterproof footwear i own. Secondly the snow makes my hair frizzy, and my make-up run.. never a good look. And finally, i hate cold weather, that's just ridiculously cold, the kind of cold which makes your fingers feel like they aren't just being bitten by frost, but actually eaten! Although i say this, i still really don't mind the days of school that heavy school sometimes brings.. lazy day! 
I hope 2013 brings us a white Christmas!

Christmas Lights! I love Christmas lights i do.. they're so pretty! They make a place look so beautiful and festive.. Speaking of which, i'm going to London this Saturday going, and i'm visiting Harrods, Covent Garden and also Leicester Square.. so i will be sure to take lots of photos to share with you.


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